Chocolate Fountain or Chocolate Fondue Warmer / Whats the Difference?

Are you thinking about getting a Chocolate Fountain? Have you considered a Chocolate Fondue Warmer?  There are reasons for both depending on the occasion and what you will be using it for.

What is a Chocolate Fountain?

Chocolate Fountain


A Chocolate Fountain is a unique and memorable way of serving warm chocolate fondue. Typical chocolate fountains stand 19 inches to 44 inches tall with multiple tiers over a basin at the bottom. Chocolate is melted (or kept warm) by heat from below the basin, then the warm chocolate is transported to the top of the fountain by a corkscrew auger (or pump). From there the warm chocolate lava cascades over the tiers creating a chocolate waterfall in which delicious treats like strawberries & marshmallows can be dipped.

For Weddings and other large gatherings, a Chocolate Fountain can provide a beautiful centerpiece, perfect for showcasing all of your ‘dippables’.  A chocolate fountain typically requires a large amount of chocolate to keep it flowing, which will provide enough chocolate for a large amount of people.  Many years ago my 10-year-old Granddaughter wanted a Chocolate Fountain for her Birthday.  Her Uncle, who had no children at the time, decided to get it for her, even though neither her parents or grandma and grandpa thought it was a good idea.  She LOVED IT and decided that he was ‘the best Uncle in the world’.  She used it a total of three times in two years. The amount of chocolate needed to get the fountain ‘flowing'(almost 4 lbs)was way too much for just a few people to use as a snack and the clean-up was a chore with a lot of waste. The whole fountain needed to be disassembled and cleaned which is one of the reasons that it was sold at a Garage Sale for $10.00 after sitting unused in the garage for several years.  In my opinion, a chocolate fountain is perfect for the right occasion, but not necessarily for home use.

What is a Chocolate Fondue Warmer?

Chocolate Fondue Warmer


For a smaller group you might want to consider a Chocolate Fondue Warmer, which uses a small amount of chocolate (6 ounces or less). The chocolate sits in a specially made silicone tray on top of the warmer that is heated by a single 25watt light bulb. Clean-up is a snap, just put the silicone tray in the dishwasher…that’s it! If you have any left over chocolate, you can cover the tray and put it in the refrigerator until the next time you are ready to indulge in some delicious chocolate fondue. Because of the ease of use, you will find that you will use your chocolate fondue warmer more often. Just plug-in your warmer, add a pouch of ready to use gourmet chocolate fondue, heat, and within a few minutes you are ready to ‘dip’. In addition to the decadent chocolare fondue, Velata now makes four flavors of cheese fondue that are made to be used in the Velata Fondue Warmers. You can have a complete meal with Velata. Cheese Fondue goes well with fruits, vegetables and other goodies for the meal and for dessert, just rinse your silicone tray and fill it with chocolate and start dipping. You are only limited by your imagination!

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